posted on 5/30 by Steven R:

I am interested in organizing an informal Queer Swim Club for those folx who'd like to get together 2-3 times a week to swim laps at Sinsheimer pool or one of the many other pools in the area. 

I like to swim laps, but it's easier to do with a buddy or two. The idea is that we pick a few days and times when the lap swim is open, do a swim workout, then grab lunch or coffee afterwards. Perhaps we can use those meetings to confer about a club name, etc. 

I used to swim Masters, but that was years ago. I'm out of shape, so my swim workouts last between 30 min. to 45 min. and tend to be pretty gentle. You'd need either a YMCA membership or to buy swim scripts (about $27 for a pack of 10), but I have some extra scripts I can give to interested folx. Other than that, investment is low: you'd need goggles and a swim suit. 

If you're interested, then please back channel to me at steven.ruszczycky@gmail.com