The Queer Crowd Community Dinner


“Without community, there is no liberation...but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.” -Audre Lorde

Over the past decades, the existence and daily life for queer folks has changed incredibly, in areas as varied as public acceptance and celebration to the language that we use. Although in some ways our identities are shared, the enormous diversity within the LGBTQ+ community often goes unacknowledged.

The Queer Crowd Community Dinner series will bring together groups of diverse queer individuals from different generations to enjoy a meal together, get to know one another, and build stronger ties within the community.

Please note that space is limited. One you have RSVP’d, if space is available you will receive an email with location info for the event. There will be multiple community dinner events happening through November in order to accommodate as many people as possible.

Next Dinner Date: July 6 @ 6pm, near downtown SLO

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